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Reservations of regular classes
FALL-WINTER 2024/2025

Please, use the reservation form below to sign up to the first (trial) class of the course. The trial classes FALL-WINTER 2024/2025 are going to take place during the week 16-22/9/2024. Each trial class costs just 100 CZK during this week (payment in cash at reception just before the class). You can select multiple classes in the reservation form below.

If you want to enrol to the whole course and pay the course fee beforehand, ask us for the payment instructions in the section "Questions and requests". Each course consists of 16 consecutive classes (once a week at the same time). You can select multiple classes/course in the reservation form below. If you pay beforehand, the first (trial) class will be free for you. Find the course-fee prices here: Pricelist

In case you read this after the beginning of the season, no worries! Choose a class/course you want to try and leave us a message in the section "Questions and requests" about when you want to come to the class (date). You can select multiple classes in the reservation form below. Find the single-class prices here: Pricelist

After you submit the reservation form, we are going to reply within 48 hours. The response is not automatic, so no worries if we do not email you right away.

If you understand Czech language, please use our RESERVATION SYSTEM instead. So far it is only in Czech language though.


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